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Digital Shift Q2 2020 Webinar – Econsultancy

Digital Shift Q2 2020 Webinar – Econsultancy

April 23rd 2020, 9am BST, 5pm STC

Digital Shift Q2 2020 Webinar – Econsultancy 1

Join this live Q2 Digital Shift Webinar, hosted by industry expert, Neil Perkin. This event highlights and discusses the key developments in digital marketing and ecommerce.

Agenda point for this session:

  • The Future of Video: with rapid growth and increasing diversity in stories formats, and with new ‘hyper-condensed’ shows on social platforms, we take a look at the future of video storytelling
  • The latest in Wearables, AI and AR: this edition features some amazing new examples of the application of augmented reality, algorithmically optimised customer experience, chatbots with near-human conversation, and some exciting new Apple patents the speak of a new and potentially different future for wearable technology
  • The Rise of the Autonomous Organisation: is the organisation a key area of AI innovation that is largely ignored? We consider what businesses can learn from how one of the most disruptive fintech unicorns applies AI and automation at scale not only to organisational processes, but decision-making and prioritisation
  • Personalisation 2.0: With concerns around privacy but also some exceptional examples now of advantage created through personalised experiences, are we seeing a new, more sophisticated approach to personalisation start to emerge?

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